MRSA Member Bargaining Survey 2024: Oct 26 to Nov 9, 2023

Good day everyone!

The link to the survey was emailed to members on October 26, 2023. Your bargaining committee encourages your participation in the survey, the responses will be used to determine bargaining priorities and concepts of importance to the bargaining unit.  Members’ participation is vital to ensure we have an accurate picture of what is important to you.

There aren’t any specific questions on the survey that speak of economic improvements for Cost Of Living Adjustments (COLA).  This is because we already know and have heard loud and clearly from the membership that wage improvements are a necessity.  We will seek to achieve the most we can possibly negotiate for all members of the bargaining unit.  This is a significant requirement for a renewed collective agreement.

There are also open ended questions that will allow members to share any information that they don’t see included.  All information from every participant will be considered for our goals in the upcoming round of negotiations.

This survey is confidential and anonymous.  It is not hosted on MRU servers, but is independently managed by the MRSA.  Should you have questions or concerns about the survey construction or how we will use data, or specific questions about the content of the survey please feel free to reach out to Laine Fowler @  

We sincerely appreciate your participation!

Thank you.

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