Committee Name: Negotiations Committee


The function of the Negotiations Committee is to ensure a fair and favourable outcome on collective agreements for MRSA members. The Negotiations Committee is accountable to the MRSA collective. Any proposed agreements, which have been negotiated, will be presented to the membership. The Committee is accountable to reporting back to the membership.

Committee Members:

  • Baset Zarrug (Chair)
  • Noah Arney
  • Tammy Cross
  • Robert Spencer
  • Brian Weaver

Committee Membership 

The Committee is comprised of the MRSA President, and four (4) elected members. Elected members serve for the duration of the upcoming bargaining round. It is recommended  that members should serve in some additional capacity with the MRSA for a minimum of one (1) year prior to  seeking election, and to have a thorough understanding of the University and its organizational structure and processes.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Negotiations Committee prepares the groundwork for negotiations on collective bargaining agreements, which includes the following:

  • To collect data on other collective agreements and economic forecasts for collective bargaining
  • To survey members on input on suggested changes to the collective agreement
  • To correspond with the Executive on any concerns of the negotiation process
  • To gather budget data of MRU
  • To exercise negotiations with the MRU Board of Governors (BoG) as per the Collective Agreement
  • To settle any provisions with the BoG
  • To communicate information to MRSA members on any proposed changes to the collective agreement
  • To hold voting sessions with MRSA members on any proposed agreements
  • To meet with MRSA members in the event of any rejected proposal and to continue bargaining with the BoG

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