About Us

The Mount Royal Staff Association (MRSA) endeavors to maintain a mutual and respectful relationship between the Staff and Mount Royal University. The MRSA has the responsibility of ensuring fair and equitable working conditions for Staff and strives to uphold a constant communication link between Staff and the University. We recognize and promote important contributions and continued efforts of our Staff. In a collaborative effort, the MRSA and Staff build the foundation of strength upon which the University rests.

The Mount Royal Staff Association was formed in 1978 with the purpose of having a body to promote aims/objectives of  Staff. The goals of that time are still present today.

Currently, there are approximately 840 MRSA members.  Members’ jobs are diverse and vary throughout Mount Royal University to include positions such as supervisors, clerical personnel, research analysts, educational assistants,  wellness staff, customer service representatives, document services staff, maintenance  workers, grounds workers, library staff, computer technicians, parking staff, electricians, plumbers, program advisors, graphic designers, marketing consultants, buyers, event planners and more.

The MRSA is  governed by the MRSA Executive Board who are elected from within our membership. We have a Full-time President and an Executive Assistant within the MRSA office.  The rest of the Executive Board meet on a weekly basis to conduct Association business.  Communication with the membership occurs through emails, monthly newsletters, surveys, the website, open houses, GM and AGM.

The MRSA acts as the bargaining agent for members, and enters into collective agreements concerning the terms and conditions of work and employment.  As well, the MRSA represents and supports members in the areas of employee relations and disability management, promotes and enhances professional development for members, encourages advancement by supporting fair and just recruitment and selection processes, and works to protect the terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement.

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