Education, Development and Training (EDT)

Committee Name: Education Development and Training (EDT) Committee


It is the responsibility of the EDT Committee to allocate funds provided by MRU, for reimbursement of any tuition/fees paid by MRSA members who have participated in education, development and/or training activities as per the Collective Agreement. In addition, the EDT Committee is responsible in allocating funds provided by MRU to the dependents/spouse of MRSA members as per the Collective Agreement.

Committee Membership

The membership is comprised of five (5) to seven (7) elected members. If there are vacant position(s), the Committee may seek permission from the Executive to make appointments.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To determine and define committee roles annually
  • To ensure equity and adhere to timeliness in the allocation and distribution of funds to applicants
  • To ensure all applications are checked, reviewed and processed based on current EDT guidelines
  • To ensure all EDT guidelines, policies and procedure are kept current based on the Collective Agreement
  • EDT guidelines, policies and procedures are developed in a joint committee with MRU

For step-by-step instructions review the Guidelines Page and FAQ.


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