Employee Relations

Committee Name: Employee Relations Committee

The Employee Relations Committee’s mandate is to work as a team to mediate and facilitate employment and labour relations matters for MRSA members, especially relating to the Collective Agreement with the Board of Governors of Mount Royal University. The committee has the authority to address membership concerns on behalf of the Executive of the MRSA.

Committee Members:

  • Baset Zarrug
  • Karen Hiebert
  • Nadine Conklin

Committee Membership

The Employee Relations Committee shall be composed of the following members:

  • President of the Mount Royal Staff Association (MRSA)
  • Vice President (may alternate between the two vice presidents each semester)
  • Two (2) Executive members


 Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assist the President in responding to members’ workplace concerns
  • Decide the appropriate steps to resolve concerns
  • Document workplace issues and responses to them to ensure transfer of knowledge to future members of the Employee Relations Committee and the Executive
  • Reflect on the Employee Relations Committee’s responses to members’ workplace challenges to provide opportunity to learn from them
  • With the approval of the Executive, attend labour relations and employment conferences
  • Facilitate the provision of training for Executive members about responses to workplace issues
  • Support the provision of conflict resolution training for MRSA members to assist them to engage in dialogue with their supervisors or managers

Frequency of Meetings 

The Employee Relations Committee will meet weekly for one hour. Additional meetings will be scheduled as needed. All members of the Employee Relations Committee sign the MRSA Oath of Confidentiality; discussions about employment- related issues are held in strict confidence. 

Resources and Budget 

Requests for resources/budget will be brought to the MRSA Executive from the Employee Relations Committee in the form of a proposal containing a draft budget for expenses.

Reporting to the Executive 

The Employee Relations Committee will provide an overview of the related issues including the areas of Mount Royal University involved and the resolutions achieved. It will also give updates on the weekly meetings with Human Resources.


The President will act as the Chair for this committee. When the President is unable to attend a meeting, the Vice President currently serving on the committee will act as chair. The Employee Relations Committee will strive for consensus; however, when this cannot be reached the President of the MRSA has the authority to make the final decision.


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