Labour Relations

Committee Name: Labour Relations Committee


The function of the Labour Relations Committee is to mediate and facilitate employment and labour relations on behalf of all MRSA members. The Labour Relations Committee’s role also pertains to any collective bargaining agreements with the MRU Board of Governors. The Committee is granted the right to address members’ concerns on behalf of the Executive.

Committee Members:

  • Laine Fowler, Chair
  • Crystal Koch
  • Michelle LoGullo

Committee Membership

The Labour Relations Committee will be comprised of the MRSA President, Vice President, and one (1) Executive member.

 Roles and Responsibilities

  • To assist the MRSA President in responding to workplace concerns
  • To decide on appropriate dispute resolution mechanisms
  • To document and evaluate workplace concerns and appropriate responses
  • To inform future members of the Labour Relations Committee and Executive of workplace concerns and responses
  • To attend labour relations and employment conferences with approval from the MRSA Executive
  • To provide training for Executive members on responses to workplace concerns
  • To provide provisional support of conflict resolution training for MRSA members with supervisors in anticipation of any dispute resolution mechanisms

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