Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

The EDI Committee will work to foster an inclusive workplace that welcomes, respects, values and celebrates the rich diversity of all MRSA members, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, language, religious beliefs, gender identity, disabilities and accessibilities. The EDI Committee will support the MRSA Executive and the membership in educational opportunities, special events, and best practices to enhance awareness and celebrate diversity.  

Committee Membership:

Chair: Director at Large – EDI
One (1) Executive Board member
Minimum of three (3) MRSA Members

MRSA members are appointed by the Executive following a call for expressions of interest. The EDI Committee’s term will be for two years with the option of renewal.

Preference will be given to members who self disclose that they are members of an equity seeking group and/or express knowledge and skills that will assist the goals of the committee such as:

  • current knowledge of EDI best practices and a strong desire to continually learn about this work  through formal and informal resources;
  • broad understanding of marginalization, racism, and discrimination, which may have developed from a lived experience;
  • passion for internal and external relationship building, connecting with the MRSA community and advocating for members within their university roles.

Roles and Responsibilities

Meet twice per month or as necessary to discuss progress, initiatives, and challenges related to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Foster and grow a body of knowledge of best practices for EDI, understanding of marginalization, racism, and all forms of discrimination. 

Advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion on campus and promote solutions and improvements for internal and external MRSA activities.

Advise and recommend improvements to policies and procedures, and priorities to the Executive Board with respect to equity, diversity and inclusion.

Contribute to planning and organizing events that celebrate diversity and foster inclusivity.

Propose and implement member educational opportunities designed to enhance awareness of equity, diversity and inclusion issues on campus and within society.

Supporting the initiatives and recommendations of the EDI Joint Task Force Committee, other identified university EDI objectives and equity seeking groups.


The DAL-EDI is responsible for reporting on a regular basis to the Executive, and/or larger membership.  Reporting may include information, discussion, calls to action and budgeting needs which may further include detailing progress, outcomes and recommendations.

Level of Authority:

Active Advisor: The committee investigates and suggests action. The Board will likely take the committee’s suggestions.

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