Mandate/General Purpose:
The Communications Committee supports the dissemination of messaging to the MRSA membership using various communications platforms, for the purpose of community engagement, recruitment, planning and other purposes as needed. Any correspondence by the committee will be consistent with the values of the MRSA, and shall be sent in a timely manner. Communications will be:

● Chair: Preferably a member of the MRSA Executive
● General members 6 – 8, or as needed
● Membership recruitment is through periodic expressions of interest
● Length of term two (2) years, with renewal as interested members wish to continue
● Labour Relations Officer for support and as needed

Roles and Responsibilities:
● Meet monthly, and ad hoc.
● Develop a communications calendar and plan based on organizational needs in consultation with the Executive and MRSA staff.
● Preparation of MRSA messaging to be communicated through platforms such as the MRSA newsletter, bulletin boards, website and other forms of communication that will encourage engagement of the membership.
○ General management of the bulletin board
○ Production and editing of the newsletter
○ Website management and support
● Develop communication strategies to guide and support the MRSA’s strategic plan.

● The Committee reports and is accountable to the MRSA Executive Board.
● A final report will be generated and presented to the Executive and membership bi-annually, for information, and for discussion.
● Should the committee determine that financial resources are necessary, it will provide a proposal to the Executive for approval, as per MRSA policy.
■ Any budgeted surplus monies for the committee reverts to MRSA at end of year for addition to the defense fund.
● Meeting notes will be prepared by the chair and distributed to committee members and the MRSA Executive Assistant for record keeping.

Level of Authority:
Limited Agent: the committee can take some action with the board’s consent.

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