Committee Name: Social Committee

The role of the Social Committee is to plan and put on various events throughout the year for the Staff.
The Staff lounge is encouraged to be the “center” for events taking place and decorating and celebrating are done there or on the attached patio.

Committee Members:

-Karen Hiebert-Chair
-Jessica Mossiere
-Mandy McDaniel
-Cheryl Melatdoost
-Christine Pepper

Committee membership

The Social Committee shall comprise at minimum of one MRSA executive and up to 5 MRSA Staff.

The term of office shall be one year. This is a volunteer role so no elections are held, but we encourage all MRSA Staff to participate.


The role of the Social Committee is to encourage participation in MRSA events, whatever they may be.


-decorating the staff lounge monthly with theme related items
-plan events like the annual Canada Day Celebrations
-be prepared to spend some of your own time purchasing items offsite when required


-held as needed to plan events


-currently there is a $1200.00 a year budget  (2017)


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