Committee Name: Governance Committee


The Governance Committee is entrusted with reviewing, revising, and drafting the governing documents of the MRSA to meet the needs of the collective. In addition, the Committee will ensure that all policies and procedures are up to date, and are in alignment with the Constitution and internally with other documents. Recommendations made by the Committee are non-binding and will be reviewed by the Executive for approval.

Committee Members:

  • Crystal Koch (Chair)
  • Bri Harvie
  • Michelle LoGullo
  • James Parsons
  • Christine Pepper
  • Kimberly Smith
  • Beverly Van Horne

Committee Membership

The Committee will be comprised of a minimum of three (3) members, which includes the MRSA President or Vice President, one (1) other Executive member, and one (1) MRSA member. The Chair of the Committee will be selected from members of the Governance Committee. Members may be appointed at the discretion of the MRSA President.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To develop and revise policies and procedures and make recommendations to the Executive on such changes, and ensure that MRSA concerns can be conducted in a professional manner.
  • To steward and maintain all governing documents of the MRSA and to ensure internal consistency with all documents

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