Governance (formerly Policy and Procedure)

Committee Name: Governance (Policy and Procedure) Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for developing, reviewing, and revising all MRSA policies and procedures. The Committee will provide recommendations to the Executive for final approval. This committee meets two (2) hours each month.

Committee Members:

  • James Parsons
  • Baset Zarrug
  • Devon Carter-Wells
  • Michael Birbeck
  • Heather Nelson
  • Sandra-Lee Scalia
  • Christine Pepper

Committee Membership

This committee shall be comprised of at least four members and shall include the Association President or Vice-President, two other members of the MRSA Executive and at least one MRSA member. The chair of the Governance Committee will be selected from the above members by the Governance Committee members.

Members are appointed on an annual basis at the discretion of the President of the Association following the Association’s general election.

Mandate including specific goals

The MRSA Governance Committee is charged with ensuring that all Association policies and procedures are current, are appropriately documented and are communicated as required to conduct the official business of the Association

As well, the MRSA Governance Committee is charged with developing new policies and procedures as required to ensure the Association’s business can be conducted in a professional and businesslike manner in order to best meet the needs of the membership.

Frequency of Meetings

The MRSA Governance Committee will meet on a monthly basis on a regular date as established at the first meeting of the Governance Committee following the annual appointment of members by the Association President. This committee will not meet during July and August unless it is necessary to address a specific Association issue.

Members of the Governance Committee will receive two (2) hours release time each month to attend Governance Committee meetings and to attend to Governance Committee business as per the Collective Agreement.

Resources and Budget

The Joy Bilozir MRSA Boardroom is available for the meetings of this committee. The Governance Committee chair should inform the Association’s Executive Assistant of meeting days and times so the Boardroom can be reserved.

While this committee will have no formal budget, it can access the Association’s photocopier.


Record Keeping

 Notes will be taken as necessary by one committee member of activities at committee meetings. These notes will be circulated to the Association President and to the Association Executive Assistant for record keeping purposes. Each committee member will also receive the notes.


Decisions will be made by a plurality vote by the Governance Committee.

All new policies and procedures and revisions, after being approved by the Governance Committee, must be approved by the MRSA Executive.

The Governance Committee chair will report on committee business monthly at an MRSA Executive meeting.

Additional Notes

The Governance Committee chair will generate an annual report to be made available to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

The Governance Committee must have at least one representative at the annual MRSA planning meeting.

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