Education, Development and Training (EDT) Funding

Personal and Professional EDT Funding

The MRU Board of Governors provides an annual grant to support professional and personal development. Please refer to the EDT Guide and FAQs for detailed information on EDT funding and Dependant/Spouse bursaries.

Applications for EDT Funding and Dependant/Spouse Bursaries must be submitted online within the following submission dates:

SemesterCourse Start DateSubmission PeriodAttendance/Proof of Completion Due
(EDT applications)
FallSept. 1 – Dec. 31Sept. 1 – Dec. 31April 30
WinterJan. 1 – April 30Jan. 1 – April 30June 30
SpringMay 1 – June 30May 1 – June 30Aug. 31
SummerJuly 1 – Aug. 31July 1 – Aug. 31Dec. 31

Credit Course Tuition (Article 28.6)

In addition, MRU administers an annual grant to further support development through post-secondary level coursework at the undergraduate and graduate level(s). Eligibility information, reimbursement criteria and access to the application can be found here.

Bursaries for Dependants/Spouses (Article 29)

A sum of $35,000 shall be granted for the purpose of providing bursaries for children under the age of 25 at the start of the applicable semester, and spouses of all MRSA members (Probationary and Casual Employees are not eligible for these funds).

Access to the application can be found here (Bursary Application tab).

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