2024 MRSA General Election Announcement

We are pleased to announce the following candidates for the upcoming General Election:

Executive Board
Director-at-Large: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
 (one member: one-year term 2024-25) 
Ashley Lazette
Ajoke Laseinde

EDT Committee (four members: two-year terms 2024-26)
Stacey Anderson
Jaime Clague
Katie Cross
Jody Jones
Jessica Lee Wah

The Nomination Campaign Statements for the candidates are available for your review. 

The campaign period is now in effect until May 13. Candidates are invited to review the Nomination and Elections Policy and Procedures and the Campaign Policy for further details.

Online Election Timelines:
The online election will open on Tuesday, May 14 at 9 a.m. and close at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, May 15.

The results will be shared on Thursday, May 16.


We are also pleased to announce the following candidates elected by acclamation in accordance with the Nomination and Elections Policy and Procedures:

Executive Board 
Michelle LoGullo, President (2024-26)
Crystal Koch, Vice-President (2024-26)
Sam Ulmer-Krol, Vice-President (2024-25)
Andy Lee, Treasurer (2024-26)
Katherine Li, Director-at-Large (2024-26)
Shahid Saleem, Director-at-Large (2024-26)
Beverly Van Horne, Director-at-Large (2024-26)

EDT Committee Member (2024-25)
Ashley Emery

The Nomination Campaign Statements of those elected by acclamation are available for your reference.

No nominations were submitted for the position of Director-at-Large (one member: one-year term 2024-2025), and one vacancy remains for the position of Director-at-Large (two-year term 2024-26).

Thank you to all who engaged in the nomination process, and to our existing and departing executive board and committee members for their work and commitment on behalf of the membership. 

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