MRSA Ratification Package Notice

Good day,

On August 11, members received documentation regarding the tentative agreement.

There are numerous changes, both with regards to language and movement of previously allocated articles.  We have created a highlights document to provide some overview of the numerous changes.  However, this document is not comprehensive in pointing out every change.  

The draft collective agreement is in draft format as it does need to be reviewed thoroughly by both parties to ensure formatting, all referencing and all changes have been properly updated.  It was built from the “green sheets” (signed off agreement with MRU) for each changed article, mediator’s recommendation, and unchanged language.  A draft salary schedule is available for your review, which also needs to have full review of the employer.  However, the draft collective agreement is comprehensive and inclusive of all substantive changes agreed to by the parties.

The following documents were provided:

  • Draft Agreement
  • Mediator’s Recommendation
  • Highlights of Changes

Voting to occur August 23 to 25 – a separate email will be sent for access to voting on August 23.

As shared previously, the bargaining committee is not endorsing this tentative agreement, but is taking a neutral stance regarding our approval of this tentative agreement.  This is because we have achieved some of our mandate.  However we believe that we could have achieved more with your employer, but for the provincial government’s interference in the bargaining process. 

We will have town hall meetings available for members to hear about the changes in this tentative agreement, to ask questions and to participate in discussion.

Town hall meetings will be available as follows:

Wednesday, August 17

4:30 to 5:30 pm | Room: J301 Lincoln Park Room 

Thursday, August 18

12:00 – 12:50pm | Virtual

Monday, August 22 

12:00 – 12:50 pm | Room:  Y224

Tuesday, August 23

5:30 – 6:30pm | Virtual

Thank you for your patience through this very long and challenging round of bargaining.  We look forward to sharing all the details of this tentative agreement with you. 

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