Vote for Constitution Amendments


As we presented at the AGM on Nov. 17, the MRSA Executive Board is seeking membership approval for amending our current Constitution which details how we are to govern our Association.

We have determined that there are references in several Articles of the Constitution to the outdated “Elections and Voting Policy” which need to be amended. There are also some language amendments to edit. 

Rationale: This policy is no longer in effect and in conflict with redeveloped policies which provide specific guidance to these processes. Having one specifically named policy has been counterproductive and ineffective to the operations of the MRSA. All policies relating to elections and voting are drafted by the Governance Committee, then approved by the Executive. These are posted on our website for your reference. 

We wish to strike Article 18.04. It is redundant because of Article 24.02 which reads: “The operational documents of the MRSA shall not violate any article of the MRSA Constitution. In the event of inconsistency, the Constitution shall prevail.”

Further, we wish to amend the language in Article 15.06 which references “his” in two instances, and replace it with “their” for gender neutral reference.

This proposed amendment was presented and approved by the MRSA Executive Board during their Nov 24, 2021 meeting.

Motion:That all mentions of the “Elections and Voting Policy” of the MRSA be removed and replaced with “MRSA policies”. Further, that the language in Article 15.06 be amended and Article 18.04 be struck.

Moved by: Heather Evans Seconded by: Judith Tarko

Today we are reminding you that your voice and your vote count. As our Constitution is currently written, we need a minimum of 75% of the ballots cast to approve the proposed amendments to the Constitution in the following Articles: Articles 8.03; 13.01; 15.06; 18.02, 18.04, and 24.01.

As per Article 22 – Amendments to the Constitution, ballots will be sent out to the membership on Dec. 9 and voting will close Dec. 10. 

We wish to thank our membership for your ongoing engagement and support of the MRSA.

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