MRSA President response to US Senate protesters

Dear colleagues,

As I watched in shock and disbelief of the historical situation unfolding in Washington last week, I was reminded of the right, responsibility and duty we all have to ensure democracy is exercised and respected.  This is no time to be complacent about the current situation in our own country, in our own province and in our own Mount Royal Staff Association. We all have an opportunity to voice our opinions and participate in creating the landscape in which we want to live and work. It is imperative that we stay connected, informed and educated in the governance and decision making process of those charged with leading us federally, provincially and internally at MRU.
The MRSA Executive condemn any action of violence or disrespect in the opposition of exercising democracy and the fair transition of office. We encourage you to join us in working to build a cohesive and respectful MRSA community united in the belief that differences can motivate change and innovation to make us better, stronger and empowered to grow as an Association.
We are committed to ensuring strength, equity and responsibility for our members.

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