Winners of the 4th Annual MRSA Gingerbread House Competition

The 4th Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Contest was another successful event! Thank you to all of the teams who came out and participated as well as the Spectators who came out to cheer teams on.   

In first place, SLS Snowflakes

In second place, Christmas Carpenters

In third place, File Jockeys

The Misfits won a box of chocolates for their incorporation of the “Pull and Peel” licorice surprise item.

Teams can pick up their houses anytime to display in their areas or they can be left in the staff lounge for viewing. Those in the staff lounge will remain on display until December 19.
For suggestions to the Social Committee, please feel free to email the MRSA office at or Charissa Hovdebo, Committee Chair.
On behalf of the MRSA Social Committee, thank you to those who took part, those who voted, and to all for bringing the fun!   

Ho, ho, hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Charissa Hovdebo, Karen Hiebert, Fatima Kessler, Janalee Morris, Christine Pepper, Andrew Smith and Honourable Mention – Cheryl Melatdoost our Emcee.   

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