MRSA Style Guide

MRSA Style

It’s been said that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it that matters, and those of us on the MRSA Governance Committee agree!

In late 2015, we pioneered the first edition of a written style guide to be used association-wide. Collaborating with the Library, Marketing and Communications, and Diversity & Human Rights Office, a nine page document was approved by the Executive Board in March 2016.

MRSA Style Guide

Why do we need a written style guide?

  • Having a style guide helps give the MRSA a consistent voice.  Content speaks for us, and when several different people contribute content, we need guidelines to keep us all in the same tone. Having a collective voice free of editorial errors is pertinent to our identity within the larger Mount Royal community.
  • Having a style guide helps with ambiguity. No matter how great a writer is, they might find themselves facing an editorial squabble over some aspect of content. In these cases, our style guide can act as a rulebook. Rather than trying to guess what format something should be presented in, or if we capitalize the word “Library” when referring to our own, you’ll have a tangible set of standards to point to (and by the way, we do).

This document is designed to be a handy reference guide for those writing on behalf of the MRSA, and shouldn’t be treated like a set of iron-clad rules. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments related to the MRSA written style guide, please send them to  

Kelsey Mullen

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