Thank you for your participation in the 2019 general election; 49% of the membership voted in this ballot.

 Please join us in welcoming the following staff to the Executive Board, and to the EDT Committee:

Executive Board

 Board of Governors Representative (2019-21)

Sarah Rude         (with 51.6% of the votes)

Directors-at-Large (2019-21)
Lanny Anderson     (with 21% of the votes)
Michelle LoGullo     (with 21% of the votes)
Heather Evans        (with 20.1% of the votes)
Roselle Gonsalves  (with 16.2% of the votes)

EDT Committee members (2019-21)

Marc Dobie              (with 27.4% of the votes)
Jessica Lee Wah     (with 26.1% of the votes)
Debbie Mork            (with 25.5% of the votes)

The MRSA Executive would like to extend their sincere appreciation to all candidates for their willingness to represent their colleagues and serve the Association.

The MRSA Executive also wishes to thank the following members for their dedication and contributions during their terms of service:

Donna Palmer          Board of Governors Representative (2017-19)

Fatima Dhooma       Director-at-Large (2018-19)

James Parsons          Director-at-Large (2017-19)

We are also pleased to announce that the following candidates have been elected by acclamation:

Executive Board

Nadine Conklin: Vice-President (2019-21)

No nominations were pursued for the role of Treasurer (2019-21)

EDT Committee (one-year term 2019-20)

Jody Jones  

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