2018-20 General Election

We are pleased to announce that the following candidates have been elected by acclamation:

Executive Board

Baset Zarrug: President (2018-20)
Karen Hiebert: Vice-President (2018-20)
Nadine Conklin: Vice-President (2018-19)

Shweta Chugh: Director-at-Large (2018-20)
Charissa Hovdebo: Director-at-Large (2018-20)
Pamela Karlenzig: Director-at-Large (2018-20)
Crystal Koch: Director-at-Large (2018-20)
Fatima Dhooma: Director-at-Large (2018-19)

No nominations were received for the role of Treasurer (2018-19)

EDT Committee (two-year terms 2018-20)
Pam Jonnson
Samantha Sadler
Wendy Witczak

Sandra-Lee Scalia (one-year term 2018-19)

Negotiations Committee (For the duration of the next round of negotiations)
Noah Arney
Tammy Cross
Robert Spencer
Brian Weaver

Thank you to all who participated in the nomination process, and to our existing Executive Board and Committee members for your ongoing commitment to strengthening our Association and representing MRSA members.



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