2021 MRSA General Election

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the following candidates have been elected by acclamation:
Executive Board
Vice-President (2021-23)

Rona Reitsema

Board of Governors Representative (2021-23)
Morgan Loberg

Director at Large (three members; two-year terms 2021-23)
Cyndi Cave
Heather Evans
Judith Tarko

Director at Large (two members; one-year term 2021-22)  
Crystal Koch
Jessica Pickering

No nominations were submitted/ pursued for the role of Vice-President (2021-22); Director-at-Large: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (2021-23).

EDT Committee (two members: two-year terms 2021-23)
Claire Grant
Debbie Mork 

EDT Committee (three members, one-year term 2021-22)
Stacey Anderson
Jessica Lee Wah

Nomination Campaign Statements of those elected by acclamation are available for your reference.

Thank you to all who participated in the nomination process, and to our existing Executive Board and Committee members for their dedication to the Association and their work on behalf of the members. 

The MRSA Executive also wishes to thank the following members for their contributions and commitment who will be concluding their terms of service on June 30:

Nadine Conklin           Vice-President
Rusty Martel               Director at Large
Cheryl Melatdoost      Director at large
Bryan Miller                Director at Large

Sam Sadler EDT Committee member (2018-Jan 2021)

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