Professional Development Day

Committee Name: Professional Development Day Committee

The MRSA Professional Development Day was held on May 10, 2017 at the Commonwealth Centre. Next one is tentatively planned for May 2018.

This conference is for all staff, exempt staff and management. This event consists of a variety of sessions, pertinent to both the work environment and to our personal lives, and of course time to meet and mingle with our fellow staff members.

Committee Members 2017 :

  • Shannon Shultz (Co-Chair)
  • Fatima Kessler–Co-Chair
  • Charissa Hovdebo-
  • Patricia Gardner
  • Linda Head
  • Jilianna Michayluk
  • Kelly Monteleone

Committee Membership

 The PD Day Committee is made up of volunteers from the MRSA membership at large and must include a minimum of one (1) member from the MRSA Executive who liaises with the Executive.

A call for volunteers will be sent out by the MRSA Executive in the Fall semester of each year. The minimum number of volunteers shall be ten (10), exclusive of the Chair.

The Committee will select a chair, and co-chairs if deemed necessary, in September or at the first meeting.


The mandate of the committee is to plan, co-ordinate, organize, and execute the PD Day and conduct follow up for the staff at Mount Royal University.

 Specific Goals

  •  To meet the professional development needs of as many members of the MRSA as possible
  • To provide an opportunity for the staff to learn, network and socialize in a relaxed manner both inter- and intra-departmentally
  • To provide the above opportunities within the budgeted amount provided through the MRSA and MRU
  • Recognizing that the professional and personal needs of employees need to be met, to provide mainly professional development sessions with some personal development sessions
  • To select speakers and facilitators that provide a mix of topics and learning opportunities
  • To create a culture of openness to new ideas and strategies
  • To help build a collaborative work culture
  • To develop skills of continuous improvement and learning
  • To solicit feedback from attendees and incorporate this feedback into the following year’s conference

Roles and Responsibilities

The PD Day Committee is accountable to the MRSA Executive and, through it, to the membership.

The MRSA Executive will provide an allotted budget amount to the PD Day committee by the first week in October.

The PD Day Committee must provide a proposed plan and a detailed budget to the MRSA Executive for approval no later than January 31st.

Committee members must be willing to contribute ideas, assist with one or more sub-committees, and commit to attend meetings and planning sessions. The committee will select co-chairs if deemed necessary.

The Executive member on the PD Day Committee will report to the MRSA Executive on a weekly basis, specifically addressing issues, such as speakers, facilities, or food.

Record Keeping

 Minutes of the PD Day Committee will be retained by the MRSA Executive Assistant.

The PD Day Committee will meet with the MRSA Treasurer to discuss an expense tracking and reporting system.

Frequency of Meetings

The Committee will establish a schedule of meetings at the first meeting of the committee. This schedule will be communicated to the MRSA Executive.

 Resources and Budget

As outlined in Roles and Responsibilities, the MRSA Executive will inform the PD Day Committee of the allotted budget by the first week in October.

The MRSA Executive Assistant will attend the PD Day Committee meetings to take minutes and provide administrative support.

The MRSA Boardroom is available to the PD Day Committee, and the photocopier is also available.


 The PD Day Committee is accountable to the MRSA Executive.

During the PD Day Committee meetings, decisions will be made by the majority of those in attendance.

 Additional Notes

 A final report will be generated to present to the MRSA Executive and the MRU Administration (President’s Office) by June 30th.


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