Professional Development (PD) Committee

Committee Name: Professional Development (PD) Committee


The PD Committee will organize and administer the PD Day and follow up with MRSA staff members in a timely manner. The PD Committee strives to meet the professional and personal development needs of all MRSA members. Funding is provided by the MRSA and MRU which is used to deliver inter- and intra-departmental programming and opportunities to MRSA members. The Committee acknowledges the needs of MRSA members both professionally and personally and will provide personal developmental sessions to meet those needs. It is the mandate of the Committee to foster a culture of open ideas, strategy, and to develop a collaborative working environment for MRSA members.

Committee Membership

The PD Committee will consist of ten (10) volunteer members and a minimum of one (1) member from the MRSA Executive. If necessary, a Chair and Co-Chairs will be selected prior to the first meeting scheduled in September. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To be accountable to the MRSA Executive
  • To provide a detailed budget and timeline to the MRSA Executive no later than January 31 of each year
  • To engage the membership by proposing programming ideas
  • To assist other sub-committees as necessary
  • To assist in organizing events, and attend meetings on a timely basis
  • To report to the Executive regularly 
  • To present a final report, generated by the Committee, to both the MRSA Executive and the MRU Administration
  • To provide learning opportunities through speakers and facilitators as selected by the Committee
  • To strive to foster the skills of MRSA members through continuous improvement and learning
  • To solicit feedback from the membership for further improvement of programs, integrate feedback for future conferences, and will report feedback to the MRSA Executive

Level of Authority:

Limited Agent: In consultation with the Executive Board, the committee can take action after the Board has agreed to the advised action.

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