An Unfair Labour Practice/Bad Faith Complaint has been filed against the Mount Royal University by the MRSA

On Friday, December 18, 2021, the MRSA has elected to file a complaint against the University regarding the ongoing concern regarding the University’s outsourcing (contracting out) of bargaining unit work.

The MRSA has filed this complaint following several attempts to reach a resolution to this matter with the University.  Unfortunately, no solutions have been offered to remedy this concern.  The MRSA is concerned that the University has outsourced several positions within the security department, but has also had an ongoing practice of outsourcing various parts of work from different work departments.  The University has confirmed that this practice is ongoing and no change is being considered.

The MRSA is concerned as there has been an overall loss of 14% of our bargaining unit over the past few years and we are currently in bargaining.  We must ensure we have accurate data and information regarding how the University is hiring to the bargaining unit, and when the University outsources work that is normally completed by our bargaining unit employees.

As per the Alberta Labour Relations Board practice, the employer will be required to post the notice of the complaint for all employees.  If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Laine Fowler, Labour Relations Officer, of the MRSA (, or you may contact the Labour board directly.  We expect further information on who to contact with your employer and the Alberta Labour Relations Board will be forthcoming shortly.
We hope to have this issue resolved satisfactorily shortly.

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