Joint Statement from the MRU Coalition Presidents on Mental Health and the Pandemic

Dear colleagues,

With the new lockdown regulations now coming into effect, the health, safety and mental well-being of our campus community continues to be a shared concern of the Mount Royal University Faculty Association (MRFA),  the Mount Royal Staff Association (MRSA), and the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU). As this semester draws to a close, we collectively recognize the challenges that students, staff and faculty have faced and offer our support for those still ahead. 

During this unprecedented time, we know we’ll continue to be present for each other and be mindful of the many challenges each of us is navigating. We will all recall that students, staff and faculty are dealing with many issues: the loss of loved ones, failed relationships, caring for dependents, financial challenges and overwhelming expectations and workload. So, let’s continue to be patient, kind, respectful and supportive of our students, friends, colleagues and community, particularly as we enter into the holiday season and into the next term. 

As we head into exams and the holidays, we encourage you to check in with each other, but also to ensure you take care of yourselves. There are many supports in place and your Association Executives are available to field any questions or concerns you may be having. Here is a list of just a few resources available to you:

SAMRU Food Security
MRU Health and Wellness
Wellness Together Canada

The MRFA, MRSA and SAMRU wish each of you the blessings of family, friends, love and peace over the holidays. We miss you all and look forward to the time we can be together again.

Lee Easton, President, MRFA      Michelle Logullo, President, MRSA,  Spirit River Striped Wolf, President, SAMRU

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