Can You Build a Leprechaun Trap Event – March 2019

MRSA Social Committee Presents:

Can You Build a Leprechaun Trap Event – March 2019

Four teams entered this exciting Team Building event and the results are outstanding as you can see from the photos below. These photos were taken on Friday, March 15th, previous to the mischievous Leprechaun springing the traps. 

The teams arrived on campus this morning to find yummy chocolate coins and some minor disruption to their traps as the Leprechaun struggled to escape each one. We are sorry to report that not one Leprechaun was caught!

Team Name: Leprechaun Hoodwinkers

From: Nursing

Team Name: Accessi-blarneys

From: Accessibility Services

Team Name: E.L.P.-L.T.T. English Language Program Leprechaun Trap Team

From: English Language Program

Team Name: The Bros

From: IAP

Thanks to all who participated in the mischief and merry-making!

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